Training, Training, Training! This is such an important aspect to any business. Duplication is the key and the best way to do that is to have systems in place that duplicate success. If you are researching various internet marketing companies to determine which is best for you, here are some good questions to ask to determine if a certain company is a good fit for you.

Does your potential internet marketing business have a location to have “basic” questions answered as well as live calls, webinars, etc?

What specific training and mentorship program is in place to teach “Newbies” a-z how to market online?

What is in place to teach them how to get high rankings in the organics?

What is in place to teach them how to mine properly for niche keywords that will drive targeted traffic to their sites?

What is in place to teach them how to create and optimize a landing page based upon their results mining for Niche Keywords?

What is in place to teach them how to AVOID the GOOGLE slap for those that want to utilize PPC for traffic?

What is in place to teach them how to effectively apply specific daily methods of marketing that will result in residual traffic to the site?

You can have the best web site the best live calls, but if you do not have an in depth step by step a-z training system in place….. What good is it?

This to me is the absolute base foundation of any successful long term viable business. I know how to market online and do very well but, what about the 100’s of people I bring in? What is in place for them?
These are important questions to ask your future business partner. If you can’t get good answers, then you need to look at another internet marketing opportunity.