I will give you a step by step process of what I am doing with my
internet business
prospects to take them from consideration to decision
to purchase…


You can use this business model in any business that requires you
to build relationship because there are only 3 reasons a person
won’t buy from you…

They don’t need what you are selling…

They can’t afford what you are selling…

They don’t trust you…

Not even a little…

Hey to this point you don’t even trust me!

But I am here to prove to you that I am worth your trust and an
investment in mentoring and training is worth it for you.

If you don’t think you can afford it, don’t worry… I
will show you how you can afford it when the time comes.

But first lets get you to create your first lead, then your first
sale, of one of the free opportunities I will show you, how to
promote over the next 10 days..


I am also going to show how to use video to get all
the exposure you will need to launch your business to the $10k per
month arena…


I am also in this training series going to show you
how to automate your follow up and extend the decision time of your

very key if you want to make a lot of money online.


You’ll learn how to get your prospect to close
themselves and join your opportunity or buy your product.

This teaching is where the rubber meets the road and if you don’t
learn this you can’t make money all you have is an expensive hobby.

So I look foward to seeing you grow over the next 10-14 days and
keep an eye out because i will be giving you tons of free training
and other free stuff in this series so stayed tuned…

Sit back grab some paper and pen and get ready to be dazzled and
learn how making little video’s can change your life just like it
did mine.

Naomi Trower
Success Coach & Entrepreneur
Passive Cash Gal