I mentioned that I would continue to give more insights from my readings “Think and Grow Rich”. I have been feverishly writing down several topics in my writers notebook for future blogs. Now if I can just find the time to write it all down that would be fantastic! The life of a wife, mother and entrepreneur sure is pretty darn hectic. I love reading on the subject of leadership and learning where my personality fits into this world called life.  Here are attributes that Napoleon Hill expounds upon in his book.

The Major Attributes of Leadership

Unwavering Courage self-confidence is key to a great leader

Self-Control It is hard to control a group of people if one can’t control themselves

A Keen Sense of Justice a leader can’t retain the respect of his team without a keen sense of fairness

Definiteness of Decision People that waver in their decisions constantly are not sure of themselves and it’s hard to trust people that are unsure of themselves

Definiteness of Plans The successful leader must plan the work and work the plan

The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For a leader does more than their team and goes the extra mile

A Pleasing Personality People enjoy being led by leaders that have a zeal and passion for life as this motivates them

Sympathy and Understanding leaders must be able to sympathize and understand their problems

Mastery of Detail the art of being organized and detail oriented are key elements of a successful leader

Willingness to Assume Full Responsibility if the team makes a mistake, a leader must be willing to accept responsibility

Cooperation leaders must instill the principle of cooperative effort within their teams

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