I’m still recovering from my weekend. Whew! You know that you are in trouble when you look forward to the weekdays to recover from your weekend. I had a great time but I just had too much going on this weekend. I had a 3 yr old princess party that I took my kiddos too, a Wii party (now that was fun! I actually played Wii Fit and took over from all the kids), my dad was in town for a business trip and stopped by for a few hours, went to church, met up w/my USC college roommate w/her nephew and my kids and went to a water park and went to a Raven Simone signing. I’m tired just thinking about what we did! This blog post has been simmering in my mind since last week and I have had no time to sit down and write this darn thing until now.


There has been a lot of buzz about internet marketing and certain companies in the lime light that are in trouble or under investigation, from ASD Cash Generator to Liberty League International, it can make one more skeptical about all of these home based businesses and internet marketing companies. As a college graduate and working in corporate America for 10 years as an engineer now turned entrepreneur, I’ve been one of those many that have been skeptical of all the hype such as


          Make Big Bucks w/Very Little Work!

          I Made $10,745.36 in 1 week!


I mean, come on, I’m a believer in hard work after all I have an engineering degree but these claims leave out that some of these people have built their contact list or downline for years! It may take them one email to send out to thousands of people who might be interested in their new opportunity. For those people that may not have these resources, it will take time to build their interest list. I say to these people, if you can follow directions, then you can be successful with My Internet Business.


What I have found in My Internet Business is even more of a legitimate gold mine opportunity. There are step by step tasks to implement on a daily basis from day one in the back office. The product library is incredible from various ways to make money on the internet to promoting your business. Of course I can’t forget the Net Millionaire Game which is very similar to Robert Kiyosaki’s game but geared towards internet marketers. My husband and I play with each other but we still plan to setup our first big Net Millionaire party. There are even interviews from 50+ millionaires in the back office to help you to be successful. 
So the idea of working hard and smart so your business can work for you is still very true. You still have to put in the time and effort especially in the beginning to create the income stream that you desire. Whether you need to start part-time or can afford to start full-time in this business, take the time to work so eventually your business can work hard for you. 

Naomi Trower
Passive Cash Gal
Success Coach & Entrepreneur
Get Rid of the Hype!