Podcasting is one of the hottest technology and marketing buzzwords today, and it has lept from total obscurity to media headlines in a span of less than 18 months! In it’s simplest definition, podcasting is the publishing of audio programming to be distributed by the internet and listened to at the listener’s discretion.

Here is a more comprehensive definition:

Podcasting is a method of publishing audio broadcasts via the internet, that allows users to subscribe to a regularly updated feed of new files. Podcasting is unlike most other online media because of its subscription model. Podcasting usually uses a feed (such as RSS) to deliver an enclosed file, although not all podcasts require subscription.

Podcast Formats Podcasting can take many formats, just like a TV or radio show. Here are some common formats:  interview one or several experts in the niche you serve

The interview show – interview one or several experts in the niche you serve

The call in show – People call in and you talk to them.

The monologue – You simply tell people your ideas but be fun and entertaining!

The dialogue – two or more people are discussing a topic

The quiz show – ask questions, pause for some music and then reveal the answer

Secrets to Successful Podcasts

Have a script but don’t read from it

Put some music at the beginning and end of your podcast

Give bullet points of your topic in the beginning of your podcast

Speak Clearly

Be excited about your topic

Add Value to your audience

Here are some useful podcasting forums




Here are some other useful sites

This site hosts podcasts that you can sell to subscribers, like pay-per-view for your MP3!

This is an excellent weekly podcast on podcasting. If you are going to model your podcast after a well done podcast, this is the one to use

Stephen Pierce hosts a podcast on making money. Entrepreneurs will really enjoy this podcast.

This is an excellent and comprehensive site that stays on top of the podcasting industry.

This is really popular to incorporate blogging into a podcast.

 This is just a summary of an excellent 83 page podcasting ebook. This ebook has a lot more details and feel free to purchase it below or just use my tips here and get started!

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