I’ve been having a lot of fun with Entrecard lately. Entrecard is a blogging network that allows you to advertise your blog on different high traffic blogs. The great thing is that you “drop” or visit other blogs and earn credits to advertise your blog. You also earn credits when others drop on your blog and when you advertise others on your blog.

This can be extremely beneficial if you target your drops to your specified niche. You can view the most popular blogs, click on the drop button to show them that you visited their site and so far all of them have returned back to my blog. This can increase your chances of your blog being showcased on an already high traffic site.

You want to build up credit in order to advertise on the blogs that have the most traffic. I enjoy dropping on other blogs because it gives me ideas for my blog. I’ve seen some incredible blogs from great design to great content. Here is my other blog that shows the Entrecard widget Fat Loss Blog

The only downside is that you can’t use Entrecard with your free WordPress.com blog.  These blogs don’t support javascript which Entrecard requires to add the widget. I’ve actually worked around this problem with my self-hosted wordpress blog by linking this blog to that site. I have had a TON of people visit this site from my other blog.

Graham Langdon is the founder and CEO of Entrecard. He launched Entrecard in November, 2007. Since its launch, Entrecard has grown to serve millions of free clicks to its members every month. There is an easy to follow Entrecard ebook on their site to get you started right away with some great beginner to advanced traffic generation strategies. Have fun blog hopping!

Naomi Trower
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