Affiliate marketing is a business that one can sell other people’s products and earn commissions from them. The sales are tracked through special links that are provided to the affiliate marketer which they place on their site to sell those items from. It’s best to create your own domain names for better marketability with

Affiliate Marketing has gotten a bad rap in years past, so it’s time to educate aspiring business owners about the truth behind this legitimate business. Let’s bust those myths and bring forth the truth about this potential money maker!

Myth #1 – It’s just another get rich quick scheme.

Truth– This myth probably originated around the time Internet frauds and scams hit an all time high. Most people aren’t aware of what affiliate marketing is and probably heard others who’ve said they made a lot of money from it, so they assumed it fell into the scam category. The truth is that it’s a legitimate business that you could make money from, but you will not get rich quick. It takes time and work to make it a success.

Myth #2 It’s a waste of time. No one will want the junk you would be selling anyway.

Truth– First of all, you aren’t selling junk. You pick the items yourself and research them to see whether or not they’re worth the effort. When you find good quality products and work hard selling them, you will earn some decent commissions, so the time would not be wasted. You get out of it, what you put into it.

Myth #3 – Affiliate Marketing sites sell themselves.

Truth- The only way these sites will actually sell themselves is if you work hard to provide the best possible site and use the best possible marketing methods. You will still need to bust your rump to get those results though, so technically the sites don’t sell themselves.

Myth #4 You can make money overnight!

Truth- Most affiliate marketers would love it if this were true. But it’s not. It will take quite a bit of time to get the ball rolling for you to find what works and doesn’t work. When you finally get on your feet and know how the process works effectively, then you can start earning more money. It won’t come overnight.

That being said, once you discover how to make that money, then yes, it is possible to go to sleep one night with X amount of dollars in your account and wake up to more. That’s where making money overnight comes into play, but that doesn’t mean you just throw a link on your site one day and wake up the next with a hefty account balance.

Myths #5 – Just build a website. Your customers will find you.

Truth- This holds some truth to it, but it’s lacking some details. You will need a website to sell affiliate products from, but customers aren’t going to find you unless you market, market and market some more. Just because you publish a site on the World Wide Web, does not guarantee everyone out there is going to stumble upon your site. You need to get your site out there and let it find them!

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business that you can make money from. It’s like any other small business. You have to work hard at making it a success. The rewards of your hard work and dedication can be great once you get your business gets up and running.

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