3 Relationship Marketing Tips Friday, Feb 20 2009 

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Life has been crazy hectic lately. When is it ever slow in my life? I’ve just gotten over the flu bug and it must have been a strong strain because no amount of Emergen-C was working this time around. I’ve been able to avoid a cold/flu for the past year with Emergen-C so my no cold/flu record has officially been broken.

I’ve also been busy with tinkering with my new blog design for my fat loss blog.  I have to give many props to Tony Newton from the Warrior forum for all of his help with my new design. It takes some getting used to working with the new blog theme but I’m getting the hang of it and it has a cool look. Thanks so much Tony!! You are the best!

My next project is to convert this blog to a self hosted site. I’m having a hard time choosing between 2 wordpress themes. One of them has the functionality that I want but not necessarily all of the colors that I would prefer. I know colors can be changed in the CSS area but do I really want to get into all of that detail? Ok I digress and am doing too much relationship marketing right now..On to my tips…

Relationship Marketing Tip #1:

Do Your Best To Make Your Intentions Clear From The Start

It is very important to let your readers know your intentions. I love to research things that are of interest to me and let others know about my findings. I like to offer this information and guide people along the way. This is especially true for my fat loss blog. I’m on a quest to lose my belly fat and I’m sharing my ups and downs along the way. I’ve had more people buy my products because they see the success that I’m having with my own weight loss rather than me trying to shove something down their throats. I share what’s going on in my life, the good and the bad because people can relate to that.

Relationship Marketing Tip #2:

Make Your Customers Feel Like They Can Talk To You And That You Actually Care About What They Have To Say

I value input and direction and I try my best to answer questions and and provide feedback to relate to my customers. I make it my goal to respond to people and make them feel included. Everyone wants to feel like they are wanted and belong to a group. Why not let it be my group of growing your business on the internet or my group of moms trying to lose that stubborn belly fat?

Relationship Marketing Tip #3:

Be Yourself Even If Some People Don’t Like It

I love joking around and at times it comes out in my blogs. I have to remember to do this more often because my husband and I could be the next stand up comedians in real life. Or maybe it’s just that we both crack up at each other, I don’t know. 🙂 We’ve had people tell us that we could take our show on the road…ha! ha!

I could give ya a bunch more relationship marketing tips but I’ll stop here for now. Enjoy your weekend! I plan to celebrate my 10 year anniversary since last week I was too sick to celebrate! A mudslide sounds really good right now…Yum!

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Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile – What’s the Difference? Thursday, Feb 12 2009 

Naomi Trower's Facebook profile

What is the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Profile, you ask? The most common user account is a Facebook profile. It is personal in nature where you can add your business or personal websites. You can integrate business related imports such as your blog or feeds such as FriendFeed and Twitter.

A Facebook Page is actually a page that promotes a business, a music group, favorite TV show or politician. It is not as easily found on Facebook how to create these pages. These pages are free, however, you can pay to do some advertising campaigns. There are various applications that you can add to these pages as well but they aren’t as interactive as your main profile page.

Your main profile page allows you to have up to 5,000 friends. I know most of you are thinking why would I want more than that? Well it all depends on what your focus is on Facebook. The Facebook page, however, is unlimited to the number of fans that join your group. This is a great way to capture more customers, fans or friends when you reach your personal profile limit.

Comment below if you would like to create your own Facebook page. Here are my Facebook pages My Health & Fitness Page and My Internet Marketing Store and my personal profile.  Feel free to become a fan of my pages and add me as a friend! The number of people flocking to Facebook is growing rapidly on a daily basis so get on over there and mingle!

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Do You Retweet? Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 


RT, hashtags, all this new stuff to learn about Twitter. Every time I turn around there is something new to learn! It’s like keeping up with the lastest fashion trends…Do you Retweet a lot?

Retweet is the newest addition to Twitter that allows your tweet to be sent around Twitter virally.

Great things to retweet about would be:

1. Breaking News – I had a conversation all day with @DanaWillhoit about the octuplets drama!

2. How To’s – more and more people are looking how to do certain things so learn what things people are looking for most

3. Questions can be retweeted to others to find answers

4. Charities – there were hundreds of retweets for the Australian fire aid.

Get more involved and retweet! Especially my stuff! LOL Just kidding..No I’m not so get over there and retweet my stuff! 🙂

Watch this crazy video of Jason Moffat’s twittertreasure.com fully utilizing the retweet feature:

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