Is your business ready for 70,000 new prospects? I’m sure you want to find a way to get in front of all of these people that were laid off today, Bloody Monday Jan. 26, 2009. Where do you think most of these people will flock too?

I’m sure they will move straight to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and you must ask yourself this question, have you positioned your business for these people to come knocking on your door?

Here are 3 ways to Position Your Business

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – make sure your websites are keyword rich with the right search terms

2. Google Adwords Campaign – you will need to set aside a budget for this but the returns are so worth the investment IF you have the right campaign tools.

3. Yahoo Campaign – this isn’t as competitive as Google so you can spend less money on your CPC (Cost per Click)

Some of these people will also search the free classifieds so get your business out there as well. Today’s economic downturn has many people wondering how long will this recession last? There are many more layoffs predicted in 2009. Position your business for success this year and despite this year’s gloomy outlook, 2009 could be your year to shine!

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