5 Myths About Affiliate Marketing Friday, Jan 9 2009 


Affiliate marketing is a business that one can sell other people’s products and earn commissions from them. The sales are tracked through special links that are provided to the affiliate marketer which they place on their site to sell those items from. It’s best to create your own domain names for better marketability with GoDaddy.com

Affiliate Marketing has gotten a bad rap in years past, so it’s time to educate aspiring business owners about the truth behind this legitimate business. Let’s bust those myths and bring forth the truth about this potential money maker!

Myth #1 – It’s just another get rich quick scheme.

Truth– This myth probably originated around the time Internet frauds and scams hit an all time high. Most people aren’t aware of what affiliate marketing is and probably heard others who’ve said they made a lot of money from it, so they assumed it fell into the scam category. The truth is that it’s a legitimate business that you could make money from, but you will not get rich quick. It takes time and work to make it a success.

Myth #2 It’s a waste of time. No one will want the junk you would be selling anyway.

Truth– First of all, you aren’t selling junk. You pick the items yourself and research them to see whether or not they’re worth the effort. When you find good quality products and work hard selling them, you will earn some decent commissions, so the time would not be wasted. You get out of it, what you put into it.

Myth #3 – Affiliate Marketing sites sell themselves.

Truth- The only way these sites will actually sell themselves is if you work hard to provide the best possible site and use the best possible marketing methods. You will still need to bust your rump to get those results though, so technically the sites don’t sell themselves.

Myth #4 You can make money overnight!

Truth- Most affiliate marketers would love it if this were true. But it’s not. It will take quite a bit of time to get the ball rolling for you to find what works and doesn’t work. When you finally get on your feet and know how the process works effectively, then you can start earning more money. It won’t come overnight.

That being said, once you discover how to make that money, then yes, it is possible to go to sleep one night with X amount of dollars in your account and wake up to more. That’s where making money overnight comes into play, but that doesn’t mean you just throw a link on your site one day and wake up the next with a hefty account balance.

Myths #5 – Just build a website. Your customers will find you.

Truth- This holds some truth to it, but it’s lacking some details. You will need a website to sell affiliate products from, but customers aren’t going to find you unless you market, market and market some more. Just because you publish a site on the World Wide Web, does not guarantee everyone out there is going to stumble upon your site. You need to get your site out there and let it find them!

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business that you can make money from. It’s like any other small business. You have to work hard at making it a success. The rewards of your hard work and dedication can be great once you get your business gets up and running.

Here are my top money makers:

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Podcasting For Profit Friday, Nov 21 2008 


Podcasting is one of the hottest technology and marketing buzzwords today, and it has lept from total obscurity to media headlines in a span of less than 18 months! In it’s simplest definition, podcasting is the publishing of audio programming to be distributed by the internet and listened to at the listener’s discretion.

Here is a more comprehensive definition:

Podcasting is a method of publishing audio broadcasts via the internet, that allows users to subscribe to a regularly updated feed of new files. Podcasting is unlike most other online media because of its subscription model. Podcasting usually uses a feed (such as RSS) to deliver an enclosed file, although not all podcasts require subscription.

Podcast Formats Podcasting can take many formats, just like a TV or radio show. Here are some common formats:  interview one or several experts in the niche you serve

The interview show – interview one or several experts in the niche you serve

The call in show – People call in and you talk to them.

The monologue – You simply tell people your ideas but be fun and entertaining!

The dialogue – two or more people are discussing a topic

The quiz show – ask questions, pause for some music and then reveal the answer

Secrets to Successful Podcasts

Have a script but don’t read from it

Put some music at the beginning and end of your podcast

Give bullet points of your topic in the beginning of your podcast

Speak Clearly

Be excited about your topic

Add Value to your audience

Here are some useful podcasting forums




Here are some other useful sites

This site hosts podcasts that you can sell to subscribers, like pay-per-view for your MP3!

This is an excellent weekly podcast on podcasting. If you are going to model your podcast after a well done podcast, this is the one to use

Stephen Pierce hosts a podcast on making money. Entrepreneurs will really enjoy this podcast.

This is an excellent and comprehensive site that stays on top of the podcasting industry.

This is really popular to incorporate blogging into a podcast.

 This is just a summary of an excellent 83 page podcasting ebook. This ebook has a lot more details and feel free to purchase it below or just use my tips here and get started!

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How To Market Your Business Using Craigslist Wednesday, Nov 12 2008 


Today, Craigslist is one of the most well known of all online urban communities on the web. It allows people to place free classified adverts relating to various subjects, as well as having forums where people can discuss various topics.

Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995 and then it became incorporated in 1999.  Since it’s incorporation as of November 2006, there were over 450 cities where a Craigslist has been established.

You can have the option to learn more about how to effectively market your business or product via Craigslist with this tool.

Inside you will find:

  1. How to List Your Product in Multiple Cities
  2. Learn the Secret to Multiple Postings without Deletion
  3. Capitalize on 9 billion page views per month
  4. Learn the Best Times to Post Your Ads
  5. Get List of Cities with the Highest Traffic
  6. Watch a Video Presentation of the Hottest Craigslist Marketing Tips

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  Craigslist Marketer Pro

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BREAKING NEWS! My Internet Business Opens Retail Store.. Thursday, Nov 6 2008 

Well folks, My Internet Business just keeps on expanding it’s features and benefits. My Internet Business now has a customized online retail store to sell top internet marketing strategies on an individual product basis. This is a great option for those who may not want an all inclusive product line. There are many people that want to buy one particular product with a certain focus. There are articles, ebooks and videos to browse through on various topics.

Take some time to shop around as there are many personal topics as well.

Shop to your hearts content

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How Much Is A Great Marketing System Worth to Your Business? Saturday, Sep 6 2008 

Suppose you could sit down, learn a few internet marketing tips that I’m using in my real estate business that will have your phone ringing off the hook.

Imagine…these tools could bring you tons of hot leads and new customers, get them to keep buying over and over again, reactivate ‘lost’ customers, and even provide you with a constant stream of referrals. So anytime you need more business – you simply turn the tap on…it’s like having the goose that lays the golden egg.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it isn’t if you have the right marketing tools. You see, dollar-for-dollar, nothing provides a better return on investment than internet exposure and it doesn’t matter what product or service you sell.

See this site for more details and take advantage of the limited time offer of extra bonus marketing tools.

Explode Your Marketing Efforts!

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Internet Marketing Companies – What is all the Hype? Monday, Aug 11 2008 

I’m still recovering from my weekend. Whew! You know that you are in trouble when you look forward to the weekdays to recover from your weekend. I had a great time but I just had too much going on this weekend. I had a 3 yr old princess party that I took my kiddos too, a Wii party (now that was fun! I actually played Wii Fit and took over from all the kids), my dad was in town for a business trip and stopped by for a few hours, went to church, met up w/my USC college roommate w/her nephew and my kids and went to a water park and went to a Raven Simone signing. I’m tired just thinking about what we did! This blog post has been simmering in my mind since last week and I have had no time to sit down and write this darn thing until now.


There has been a lot of buzz about internet marketing and certain companies in the lime light that are in trouble or under investigation, from ASD Cash Generator to Liberty League International, it can make one more skeptical about all of these home based businesses and internet marketing companies. As a college graduate and working in corporate America for 10 years as an engineer now turned entrepreneur, I’ve been one of those many that have been skeptical of all the hype such as


          Make Big Bucks w/Very Little Work!

          I Made $10,745.36 in 1 week!


I mean, come on, I’m a believer in hard work after all I have an engineering degree but these claims leave out that some of these people have built their contact list or downline for years! It may take them one email to send out to thousands of people who might be interested in their new opportunity. For those people that may not have these resources, it will take time to build their interest list. I say to these people, if you can follow directions, then you can be successful with My Internet Business.


What I have found in My Internet Business is even more of a legitimate gold mine opportunity. There are step by step tasks to implement on a daily basis from day one in the back office. The product library is incredible from various ways to make money on the internet to promoting your business. Of course I can’t forget the Net Millionaire Game which is very similar to Robert Kiyosaki’s game but geared towards internet marketers. My husband and I play with each other but we still plan to setup our first big Net Millionaire party. There are even interviews from 50+ millionaires in the back office to help you to be successful. 
So the idea of working hard and smart so your business can work for you is still very true. You still have to put in the time and effort especially in the beginning to create the income stream that you desire. Whether you need to start part-time or can afford to start full-time in this business, take the time to work so eventually your business can work hard for you. 

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Taking Your Prospect From Consideration to Purchase Tuesday, Jun 24 2008 

I will give you a step by step process of what I am doing with my
internet business
prospects to take them from consideration to decision
to purchase…


You can use this business model in any business that requires you
to build relationship because there are only 3 reasons a person
won’t buy from you…

They don’t need what you are selling…

They can’t afford what you are selling…

They don’t trust you…

Not even a little…

Hey to this point you don’t even trust me!

But I am here to prove to you that I am worth your trust and an
investment in mentoring and training is worth it for you.

If you don’t think you can afford it, don’t worry… I
will show you how you can afford it when the time comes.

But first lets get you to create your first lead, then your first
sale, of one of the free opportunities I will show you, how to
promote over the next 10 days..


I am also going to show how to use video to get all
the exposure you will need to launch your business to the $10k per
month arena…


I am also in this training series going to show you
how to automate your follow up and extend the decision time of your

very key if you want to make a lot of money online.


You’ll learn how to get your prospect to close
themselves and join your opportunity or buy your product.

This teaching is where the rubber meets the road and if you don’t
learn this you can’t make money all you have is an expensive hobby.

So I look foward to seeing you grow over the next 10-14 days and
keep an eye out because i will be giving you tons of free training
and other free stuff in this series so stayed tuned…

Sit back grab some paper and pen and get ready to be dazzled and
learn how making little video’s can change your life just like it
did mine.

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4 Secrets To Explode Your Lead Response Rate Wednesday, May 21 2008 

Couple quick tips when you are marketing your biz:

1. Break up long paragraphs into short sentences so your reader will be more inclined to read all of your text.

2. Use phrases like… Imagine if…In a few moments you’ll learn…If you’re like me then…Studies will soon prove that…, etc, etc. This will hypnotize your reader into getting through long ad copy.

3. Send them to a website because no one really wants to talk or correspond with you directly until they have more information. Give them what they want.

4. Use video to build trust and rapport between you and your prospect.

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5 Ways ExitExplosion.com Will Multiply Your Web Traffic Wednesday, May 21 2008 

5 Ways ExitExplosion.com Will Multiply Your Web Traffic

As I’m sure you know already, ExitExplosion.com is taking the
Internet Marketing world by storm.

They’ve taken the tried-and-true concept of a traffic exchange,
and combined it with the “exit grabber” — one of this year’s
most powerful marketing innovations.

Here’s 5 simple ways that ExitExplosion.com will multiply
the traffic coming to your website..

1. ExitExplosion.com takes the traffic that is ALREADY
leaving your website, and turns that traffic into
“credits,” which then earns you more traffic. And then,
yes, that new traffic will eventually leave your site,
and earn you credits again! I know it sounds crazy, but
this really does keep looping around over and over…

You have to see it to believe it…

2. You earn credits on everyone you bring into the system,
10 levels deep. So, this “looping” process described
above will be happening to everyone you refer into the
system, and everyone they refer, and then everyone THEY
refer, etc. for 10 levels. Can you handle that?

3. ExitExplosion is ridiculously easy to set up on your
web site (it really does take only a few seconds), so
there’s no worry that you or anyone you refer will be
able to set it up. This just makes the speed at which
your traffic grows virally that much faster.

4. Their system is based on the revolutionary “ExitGrabber”
technology, which is completely unblockable. So, 100%
of your credits will be put to good use. This has
got to be one of the most reliable ad-delivery methods
to date.

5. It cannot negatively impact your site or your marketing
at all, since it only shows up once it’s already
calculated that people are LEAVING your site. Once
someone’s already decided to leave, why not at least
turn that into something beneficial?

I could go on and on, but there’s only so much you can learn by
me talking. I mean, I could sit here and tell you about how
to play tennis all day, but you’d only really ever learn if you
picked up a racket and gave it a shot, right?

And in this case, since their site is free to use and only takes
a matter of seconds to set up, it’s best if you just try it out
for yourself.

You can take it off just as easily if it doesn’t work for you.

But I doubt that’d happen 🙂

Explode your website traffic now!

Naomi Trower
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Internet Marketing Success Strategies Friday, May 9 2008 

     Training, Training, Training! This is such an important aspect to any business. Duplication is the key and the best way to do that is to have systems in place that duplicate success. If you are researching various internet marketing companies to determine which is best for you, here are some good questions to ask to determine if a certain company is a good fit for you.

Does your potential internet marketing business have a location to have “basic” questions answered as well as live calls, webinars, etc?

What specific training and mentorship program is in place to teach “Newbies” a-z how to market online?

What is in place to teach them how to get high rankings in the organics?

What is in place to teach them how to mine properly for niche keywords that will drive targeted traffic to their sites?

What is in place to teach them how to create and optimize a landing page based upon their results mining for Niche Keywords?

What is in place to teach them how to AVOID the GOOGLE slap for those that want to utilize PPC for traffic?

What is in place to teach them how to effectively apply specific daily methods of marketing that will result in residual traffic to the site?

You can have the best web site the best live calls, but if you do not have an in depth step by step a-z training system in place….. What good is it?

This to me is the absolute base foundation of any successful long term viable business. I know how to market online and do very well but, what about the 100’s of people I bring in? What is in place for them?
These are important questions to ask your future business partner. If you can’t get good answers, then you need to look at another internet marketing opportunity.