My Internet Business Continues to Expand Its Portfolio with Thursday, Sep 25 2008 

The long anticipated travel upgrade with My Internet Business has been announced and the members are starting to talk already. Rob Hannley, co-founder of My Internet Business announced the roll-out of My Internet Vacation Club (MIVC) late last week to thousands of anxious affiliates. The buzz from this announcement has already made waves in the online travel community and members are talking about it everywhere.

I’d like to introduce you to product line, which is a luxury travel membership club with huge advantages. First-rate resorts, condos, hotels, cruises and more are all benefits of the club. Some affiliate driven direct sales companies have built their entire businesses to tens of thousands of sales on travel packages that don’t hold a candle to As our travel consult has said, “We’ve got everything they’ve got and even more”.

Other affiliates have cleaned up selling similar type offers for anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. This club is accessed via a private, password protected membership site but it also includes a physical component as well, complete with an entire introduction packet resort and carrier materials, condo cards, cruise cards and hotel cards that give the holder even deeper discounts than the steals already found in the private search engine.

With travel being the fastest growing industry in the world and on the internet, online giant My Internet Business founders wasted no time aligning themselves with the best and the brightest in the 7 trillion dollar travel industry.

With over 200 countries, 2 million+ weeks per year of availability and 48 cruise lines to serve you, My Internet Vacation Club has got something for everyone. Truly an international player in the cruise department, MIVC has lines leaving from every port in the world.

Competitors and long time rivals GRN (Global Resorts Network), YTB (YourTravel Business), Coastal Vacations and others are struggling to keep up with the incredible value being offered to My Internet Business to its members at no additional cost.

This upgrade has made an already incredible opportunity even more fantastic. The travel membership upgrade has created another opportunity in the marketplace and this product alone is worth more than the value of our Platinum membership and My Internet Business is giving it away. Now that’s incredible! Click here to learn more about this mind blowing opportunity.


Naomi Trower
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My Internet Business Stuns Competition With Quick Video Marketing Joint Venture Thursday, Sep 18 2008 


The My Internet Business massive product suite just got larger and even more valuable to its members across the board due to recent joint venture with QVM (Quick Video Marketing). The My Internet Business management team has been working diligently to expand its line of services and products and has inked an extremely profitable deal with Jeff Schwerdt, co-founder of Quick Video Marketing. To learn more about this joint venture, click here.

Jeff Schwerdt, an ex-fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force turned internet marketer was forced to hang up his wings due to lower back problems caused by frequent F-16 flights. As an F-16 instructor, Jeff needed to find a profitable business he could run without the heavy stress on his lower back. After deciding to embark on internet marketing he became incredibly successful with the use of video marketing strategies. Many of his colleagues wanted to know more about his successful techniques which spawned the creation of the Quick Video Marketing Home Study Course – A Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Online Success.

My Internet Business founders Rob Hannley and Dave Garvin have recently negotiated and signed an affiliate deal with QVM which will provide an even greater level of extensive Web 2.0 training as well as an additional income source for My Internet Business members.

The top five traffic sites on the internet (Google, Yahoo, MySpace, YouTube and Facebook) all have a video component which makes this joint venture very powerful for My Internet Business members. The value of this alliance gives MIB members immediate access to the Platinum QVM Home Study Course along with unrestricted resell rights to the course as well.

“It is great to work with someone that is committed to integrity and excellence in the online world”, said My Internet Business co-founder Rob Hannley during an interview with Jeff Schwerdt prior to the new product roll-out. Take your business to the next level with the best of both of worlds: internet and video marketing.

Naomi Trower
Passive Cash Gal
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