Welcome to my product review! I know that you have searched the net trying to find an Internet marketing program, a team, training and a company that is worth your time, energy and effort to promote. There are several opportunities out there for you to get in involved in and many are very legitimate, however, I have found that the products themselves don’t stand on their own merit. Hold on Naomi, what exactly do you mean by that? Well, I ‘tell you what I mean! What I am saying is that with many of the companies out there for you to embrace and get behind, the product wouldn’t stand on its own if there wasn’t an income opportunity associated with it.

There are three questions that I ask myself when it comes to a viable product or service being offered along with business opportunity:

1. Is there enough value in the product or service for me to purchase it myself aside from an opportunity to resell the product or service?
2. Would I feel comfortable selling the product or service to a friend, relative or colleague I knew had no intention of reselling the product or service?
3. Is the product or service appropriately priced in the marketplace given the overall value to the end user?

Let’s take a look at My Internet Business for just a moment to see if this is indeed the case with this offering. I have broken down the products and services offered by My Internet Business into five unique categories, they are as follows:

1. Digital Products
2. Physical Products
3. Personal Development Products
4. Internet Marketing Training Modules
5. Travel Products

Digital Products

Let’s start with the digital products first. Now as many of you know, many companies have gotten in on the ever increasing growth of informational product sales and My Internet Business has certainly carved its niche in this market.

In this area, you will find an enormous digital library that has been carefully assembled. All digital products in this library have been carefully screened, categorized and placed into the My Internet Business Product Search Engine for easy access by its members. These products include software, e-books, graphics and templates, audios, videos and much more.

Physical Products

Second, there are the exclusive physical product offerings. In this area, depending on your product purchase you will find all of the amazing physical products that are part of your My Internet Business product suite.

My Internet Business has recently announced the first physical product and it is unbelievable! The Net Millionaire Training System is the hottest breakthrough in Business Development and Training in Decades.

Net Millionaire is a one of a kind, powerful, Accelerated Learning System disguised in the form of an outrageously fun to play board game.

What does it train you to do?  It trains you to be successful in any home based, networking business.  That’s right, it automatically trains anyone how to put their business on autopilot like the pros and… have a blast doing it.

Personal Development Products

If you are a Platinum product purchaser you can download any of these amazing one on one interviews with the best of the best in Entrepreneurship, training, Self Development and those making boat loads of money in home based business and changing lives. Wish you could sit down with T. Harv Ecker or Robert Allen and ask them questions for an hour about being successful and how you begin? Now you can! Virtually every question you could think to ask has been asked and answered by these multi millionaire trainers, speakers and authors. This archive is a goldmine!

Internet Marketing Training

My Internet Business has dedicated three entire sections of its back office to taking you by the hand and showing you step by step how to build any business you’re involved in on the Internet. A complete training and support sections takes you through day by day through your first 10 weeks of starting a successful Internet enterprise. The marketing resources section walks you through all of the intricate marketing tips, resources and lesser known strategies needed to explode any business online. And if that wasn’t enough, my Internet business steps you skill by skill through every aspect of implementation with live video tutorials on everything from choosing a good domain name and social networking to tracking and analytics.

Travel Products

The travel industry is huge and My Internet Business knows it. Not only have they put their hand in the pool, but they have made a huge splash in the travel community. As a platinum member of My Internet Business, not only do you receive all the benefits previously mentioned but you also receive a very substantial travel package as well.

 In my observation, similar travel programs (coupled with a business opportunity) offer less valued travel incentives and discounts for between $3,000 – $10,000 as a stand alone product. The idea that My Internet Business is offering a travel package on this level in addition to the products and services mentioned above is really quite impressive. After further investigation, I have come to realize that the company has gone straight to the wholesale source being used by Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and many of the large travel brokers to arrange the deep discounts their members enjoy.


Okay, after and in depth review of all that My Internet Business has to offer from a purely product and service standpoint I would say that it is viable and meets my personal criteria for a product or service that can be offered aside from a business opportunity. That said, this offering has been tailored for serious entrepreneurs that have a desire to get to the source of the results in their business and not for the person looking to make a quick buck. I recommend you choose the level you decide to get involved based on the following key factors:

1. Are you going to promote the opportunity as a primary or supplemental income source or not at all?
2. Are you going to take advantage of the Travel incentive and benefits offered at the higher entry level?
3.  Do you already have an on-line or offline business (i.e. real estate, financial services, network marketing, carpet cleaning, etc.) you would like to generate more leads, traffic and sales for?

Your answers to these questions and a good conversation with a professional My Internet Business member will give you the necessary information you need to make a conscious business decision and determine the best level for you to get started. 

For more information on My Internet Business and whether it’s right for you take a tour here.

Naomi Trower
Success Coach & Entrepreneur
Passive Cash Gal