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Until YouTube came along, there was no social networking site that promoted user content in the form of video. This niche has catapulted YouTube to the forefront as a leading social networking site. Because of its ease of use and popularity, YouTube has become a launch pad for many business viral marketing campaigns as well.

Do you have a digital camcorder or webcam? If so, you can make a video that can be shared online. People like to see what others are doing. There is no better way to allow others to do just that, than through video media. YouTube is the largest generator of user video content on the web.

Businesses have found a way to use YouTube to increase their bottom line as well. Videos are a great to head up a viral marketing campaign. What is viral marketing you might be asking? We do it all the time and many don’t even realize it.

When someone shares a good review of a product with us and we go out and buy it, that’s viral marketing. Essentially, it is word of mouth advertising. It also works on the negative. Poor reviews lead to lower sales of certain products. On the Internet, negative statements spread like wildfire.

Here are three strategies that we use to promote our sites via Youtube:

1. Have keywords for your particular business in your video titles for people to find your videos. This video is called Myspace Marketing: Truths Revealed! This video is placed on a website right next to the link for the ebook.

2. Have your website viewable on the screen several times throughout the video.

Here is a Youtube video of one of my fitness friends, Holly Rigsby, that is doing a phenomenal job of promoting her product via video. She has a great niche, Busy Moms Fitness Workouts, and what a better way to distribute your videos virally than via Youtube.

3. Post your video on Facebook and Myspace. The great thing about Facebook is that all of your friends see every move that you make in the status section. Myspace bulletins are great areas to post your videos as well.

YouTube provides opportunities for businesses to market their business in a viral fashion. With high quality video and a bit of social networking around the site, traffic and sales will benefit.

If you haven’t begun advertising your business via video, YouTube is the perfect place to start. It doesn’t cost a dime to put your business in front of millions, but can produce a return that maybe even you could never have imagined.

Naomi Trower
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