Will you win or will you lose? You’ve probably seen the show Wheel of Fortune where people spin the wheel to determine what prizes they could they win. If you were to spin the Internet Fortune Wheel, where would your website land? Would it be on the winning side or are you closer to going bankrupt?

Most people think they just need to zip out any old site and it will work for them. That, my friend, is an attitude you can’t afford to have when it comes to working online. Your website is the calling card for your online business. Without it, you would have difficulty getting people to find you, let alone buy your products.

Publishing a site to the internet that isn’t appealing or doesn’t cut it will cause the Internet wheel to land on the losing side for you. If you want your business to be a success, don’t risk your hard earned money and time by having an ineffective site.

Why is it so Important to Have a Well Created Site?

You have an online business and your site will be your “store” from which all your sales and transactions will take place. If you walk into a local store, you will see a specifically designed layout within that store. Everything is placed where it is, for a reason.

Why? Brick and mortar store owners do this to increase interest in products or to gain more sales. Most stores are kept pretty clean and fairly easy to navigate to help you find what you need. The reason for that is to build a rapport with you, so you can develop trust with that store and their workers. How many people do you think would buy items from a dirty, grungy, poorly laid out store? Not too many.

People don’t trust business owners that don’t take care of their stores. When selling online, your “store” is your website, so you must take care of it and make sure it’s pleasing and easy to navigate for your online visitors. Those visitors are no different than the customers who walk into the local stores. Will your site measure up?

Your business site should come across to your visitor as a professional site with which to do business from. It should welcome them, help them around and make the sale as easy as possible for them. Since your website says a lot about your business, you will need to make sure it speaking positive things.

Plan to create the best possible professional website to sell your products from. Your customers are important to the success of your business.   No customers = No sales. A site that grabs a visitor and keeps them there while you layout what you have to offer and your sales pitch will land on the winning side of that Internet wheel.

The losing side is only for those who don’t care about their business and whether or not it succeeds. Since you’re not one of them, keep your site up to par and make your customers happy.

Naomi Trower
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