Has The Internet Changed Your World? Tuesday, Oct 7 2008 

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the internet world. There are more and more people that are sharing their courting stories and now married that started on the internet, more new friends that are created via the internet and old friends that have reconnected as a result of it all.

I know personally that there are times when the power goes out at my house and I say, “Oh that’s ok, I’ll just check my email or chat with my online friends.” Umm..hello! The power is out! LOL That’s how ingrained in my head the use of the internet is in my household that I think it has a mind of its own without power!

The internet has also changed the way business is conducted. The world of advertising and promotion has turned a new leaf. Internet exposure is now one of the most lucrative ways to generate business. Internet marketing, guerilla marketing, social networking, attraction marketing and personal branding to name just a few are all major topics of conversation for the top producers in business advertising.

I also found it Incredible how CNN and other news media are using Twitter now. The social media phenomenon is getting into mainstream media and into everyone’s households. I always make sure to spend time w/my family because it can suck up all of your time if you are not careful. I definitely appreciated my Diva’s Within group when they declared a day to spend time with family.

So what about you? How has the internet changed your world? Did you meet your significant other via the net? Has your business expanded tremendously from the net? Let me know. Also take some time to view this video of my husband and family.

Naomi Trower
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The Power of Joint Ventures Wednesday, Sep 3 2008 

I received an email a few weeks ago from Don Simkovich. He found me via Hubpages and asked if he could feature me in his cash flow tips blog. I was very honored to have someone that I didn’t know to find my articles and was impressed enough to seek me out.

This was my first inclination to look more into joint ventures.  Although most joint ventures involve profit for both parties, I am happy to enjoy more traffic for now. I have been doing my research on joint ventures and it is definitely opening my eyes to a whole new world of internet marketing.

I’ve been reading “The Success Secrets of Internet Marketing Superstars” and I just can’t put this book down. It is full of incredible ideas from Yanik Silver, Jim Black, Joe Vitale, to Jon Keel plus so many more.

The power of joint ventures is a chapter in this book that describes a person who may have an incredible idea but another person may have the database of people to buy the product. The joint venture of these people has caused many viral effects of cash flow with win/wins for both parties.

So always be on the hunt for your next partner for a joint venture and watch your sales explode exponentially! Here is my featured article.

Naomi Trower
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Don’t You Want to Work with a Team like This? Monday, Jul 7 2008 

Kylon Trower AKA The Passive Cash Guy

Kylon Trower AKA The Passive Cash Guy

Personal Testimonials


A True Gem In The Internet Marketing Industry


Kylon Trower is a true gem in the Internet marketing industry.  He really knows his stuff when it comes to sales, marketing, psychology and how to leverage the Internet.  His heart is also in the right place.  He has a true commitment to guiding people in their business and helping them be successful. I’ve learned a lot from him, and I continue to learn from him. Thank you for your contribution to the Internet marketing community.


Aaron T. Benjamin

Los Angeles, CA



I Owe Much Of My Success In My Business To Your Support


Hi Kylon,


I would really like to thank you for your support and continued dedication to my success in home business. I have been blown away by your interest in my success even though my real sponsor seems to have entered the witness protection program.  You have no financial gain by helping me yet you have been there for me every step of the way and I know that I can always count on you for direction and sound advice when I need it. Thank you again for your time, mentorship and the occasional push you’ve given me to keep moving forward. I owe much of my success in my business to your support.


I wish you continued success and keep helping people and you will continue to make your dreams become a reality. You have truly been a blessing in my life. Thanks again!


Kathryn Small

Littlerock, AR



You Have Taught Me The Why To And The How To of Internet Marketing




My experience with you has been a pleasure.  You have spent time with me teaching me the why to on internet marketing and the how to as well.  I can see that you have really done your homework and I know that the people that have the pleasure of working on your team will be successful if they will listen and follow your step by step instructions.

Fred Davis
Quartz Hill, CA.

Internet Marketing Success Strategies Friday, May 9 2008 

     Training, Training, Training! This is such an important aspect to any business. Duplication is the key and the best way to do that is to have systems in place that duplicate success. If you are researching various internet marketing companies to determine which is best for you, here are some good questions to ask to determine if a certain company is a good fit for you.

Does your potential internet marketing business have a location to have “basic” questions answered as well as live calls, webinars, etc?

What specific training and mentorship program is in place to teach “Newbies” a-z how to market online?

What is in place to teach them how to get high rankings in the organics?

What is in place to teach them how to mine properly for niche keywords that will drive targeted traffic to their sites?

What is in place to teach them how to create and optimize a landing page based upon their results mining for Niche Keywords?

What is in place to teach them how to AVOID the GOOGLE slap for those that want to utilize PPC for traffic?

What is in place to teach them how to effectively apply specific daily methods of marketing that will result in residual traffic to the site?

You can have the best web site the best live calls, but if you do not have an in depth step by step a-z training system in place….. What good is it?

This to me is the absolute base foundation of any successful long term viable business. I know how to market online and do very well but, what about the 100’s of people I bring in? What is in place for them?
These are important questions to ask your future business partner. If you can’t get good answers, then you need to look at another internet marketing opportunity.


Simple & Proven Methods To Share Your Unique Opportunity Thursday, May 8 2008 

     If your like me then getting people to see your opportunity can be one of the most difficult tasks, right?  Can you imagine having countless people looking at your unique opportunity on a daily basis?   Just suppose you could have just one additional person every week join your business? Certainly that would help you reach your goals and dreams a little faster.  There’s nothing quite like having the right tools for the job.

     One of the top tools is to brand yourself. It is the process of letting people know about who you are as a person. People are more inclined to buy from you if they know you on a more personal level. Most advertisements tell you about how to get get rich quick and how they made $10,000 in a week. But most people won’t share that is took months prior to that of building their contact lists. The best way to build that contact list is by building relationships. The top activities to brand yourself are:

1. Join several forums and discussion groups in target markets.

2. Make time to get to know people on a personal level in these groups. I often send personal birthday notes and people really appreciate the thoughtfulness and take that into account.

3. Express yourself and even add real life experiences so people will see how you handle life in certain situations.

4. Clarify your goals in your particular niche market