McCain & Palin vs. Obama & Biden Friday, Sep 5 2008 


Obviously this political campaign is causing even the most disinterested political person to lean in and find out what’s really going on this year. No matter who wins the election, this is definitely a history making time. My husband & I have sat our 14 yr old boy, 7 yr old boy and 3 yr old girl to watch Obama’s speech so they will know they are part of an incredible black history moment. Our 14 yr old was really mesmerized by his speech, our 7 yr old kept begging to change the channel to Spongebob Squarepants (sorry Obama! 🙂  ) and our 3 yr old just kept running around yelling, “Obama’s on TV!”

I’m just excited to be part of this history making moment. We have a black man running for President and a female running for Vice President, WOW! Both of these candidates mean so much to me as a black woman myself that has made a mark in this world in my own way. Although I’m really concerned for Obama’s safety. I know there are so many people that aren’t ready for a black president and would do anything to prevent that; even take his life. I hope that he will never have that outcome.

Being a business woman in real estate and internet marketing, I’m very interested to see where the winning candidate plans to take our country. I’ve witnessed many, many people losing their homes, being laid off, filing bankruptcy and making drastic life decisions. I can only pray that America will choose the best man for the job. Whoever that person may be, there will be a lot of work ahead of him.

I hope that America has the patience to turn this big ship around in the right direction. It definitely won’t be an overnight fix.  There are many issues such as the potential bailout plan, failing banks such as Washington Mutual that has been taken over by JPMorgan Chase and the current state of the economy. My kids keep asking me every day, “Is there a winner yet?”  I can understand their impatience! I can’t wait until election day as I’m ready for a change for the better. November 4th, 2008 can’t some soon enough!

Some of my pet peeves during the conventions:

Protesters inside the Republican convention while McCain was speaking (HOW RUDE!)
Palin’s speech that had a bunch of low blow remarks about Obama
McCain’s speech was kinda dry and boring (I fell asleep on it and must re-watch my recording)

What were some of your pet peeves?

I also thought it was hilarious when Palin’s youngest daughter licked her whole hand to slick down her younger brother’s hair! PRICELESS!

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Are We in a Recession or Depression? Sunday, Jul 20 2008 

    How Far Will Your Money Go These Days?

     My family and I went to the Kidspace Children’s Museum this weekend. It was really a remarkable place. There was a photo that caught my attention and I just had to get a snapshot. How far will your money go these days? Whether we are in a recession or a depression this has been the topic of discussion amongst many of my friends as of late. There are several that believe that we are in a recession and others that believe we are already in a depression. I feel that we are in a recession but we are treading water and are very close to a depression. 

     Today there are a record number of Americans receiving food stamps. Gas prices at an all-time high, and staples such as milk, eggs and bread costing a prettier penny every week. The average number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits reached its highest level in two years last week, while just this week, construction spending fell for the fifth straight month and manufacturing activity shrank to its lowest level in five years. Real estate values are even plummeting all over the nation. Many banks are saying they haven’t seen a decline in the housing market since the Great Depression of 1929. In 1933, 24 percent of the workforce was unemployed. In February 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. unemployment rate was 4.8 percent (though there are reasons to believe that number significantly underestimates the true picture).

     As I mentioned in my previous post, there are 75,000 people daily looking for other opportunities especially with the current market. I’ve even had people email me to get involved with my real estate and mortgage business. I do warn them that things are drastically different with different lenders changing their guidelines constantly and homes appraising at very low values. It is still very possible to do well, however, I try to prepare them for what to expect. I also advise them to look into other avenues where the current market doesn’t dictate its success. 

     The internet is definitely an avenue where people are putting their time and energy into and a great place to invest. We were told to invest in real estate as my siblings and I grew up and and now as the advancement of the internet, we are being told to invest in an internet business as well and ways to drive people to your business without having to pay a large amount of overhead costs.  As many people are looking for ways to spend more time with their families and some that are facing layoffs withing their current jobs, take some time to research the internet industry. For more information on a home based business, feel free to email me @

More beautiful pics from the museum:



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