What are some of the top things that you are searching for in your business? People are in different stages in their business model and I’d like to know where you stand. There are people that are looking for free ways to drive traffic to their site, people that are looking to improve SEO optimization and people that are looking for new blog designs.

Personally, I’m looking to transfer this blog from a free blog to a self-hosted site with more bells and whistles.  So naturally my internet searches have been focused on business and professional wordpress themes. Here are some themes that I’ve bookmarked so far. Please feel free to comment on any wordpress designs that you would suggest.

I really like the titanium theme but I’m not sure if I get a true feel of the site. I can’t envision what would go into the Feature #1 and #2 area.  I really like the social sites feature as I’m a very social gal. I probably can’t fit all my social networks in there! 🙂

I’m also digging the one-theme look, but the redundancy in the categories shown in different ways kinda bugs me, but maybe those can be changed to different options? I’m not real sure. I guess I will try to ask more questions about those wordpress designs before I make the big plunge. Be sure to participate in my poll!

P.S. Take a look at the Youtube video in the Titanium wordpress theme. Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip” should be an interesting read…

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